Philips NIVEA HS85/44 shaver accessory

54.91 TL
Renew for better results
Stretch and Lift rings for a great shave
For maximum performance replace your shaving heads and cartridge every year. HS85
shaving unit fits the HS8000 Philips NIVEA FOR MEN shavers. Contains shaving unit and
A great close shave
- Stretch and Lift pattern for a great shave.
Skin protection system
- Flex Tracker system.
Superior gliding
- Glide rings.

Stretches skin and lifts hairs
The shaving heads have unique rings with a stretch and lift pattern that contributes to a great shave.

Flex Tracker system
The Flex Tracker automatically tracks the curves of your face and helps to protect against skin irritation.

Glide rings
The shaving heads have unique glide rings to help the shaver move smoothly over your face.

Teknik detaylar

Number of shaver heads:
3 pc(s)

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