cruZer makes it easier than ever to shave, trim and style your beard – and it even allows you to keep your body hair in check. Cordless and easy to handle, the cruZer4 is the perfect shaving and grooming device for those who want great style but don’t want a massive toolkit to achieve it. On top of all this, the cruZer4 is stylish and eye-catching, making it the ultimate secret weapon in style.

All-over body shaving & trimming
Getting a great new look takes just a few minutes, as the cruZer4 can be used in the shower for all-over body-grooming.

Floating foil system with SmartFoil™
The independently floating foil system adjusts perfectly to your skin and facial contours for improved closeness. The Smart Foil™ captures hair growing from different directions for a closer shave in fewer strokes.

Rotating styler with two sides
The trimmer has both a wide and narrow side, to allow you to do tight curves, lines and angles, as well as quickly trim larger areas. It also extends, to make trimming and styling even easier.

Detachable trimming attachment
The trimming attachment allows four length settings from short to full beard. It’s so easy to trim and maintain your desired beard length. And when you need a close shave or style, simply remove the trimmer.

Easy to clean
All cruZer models are fully washable. Simply rinse the shaving head under running water after each shave.

Short beard attachment
An "unshaven", stubble look is easily achieved and maintained with the short beard attachment.
Batarya teknolojisi:
Nickel–Metal Hydride (NiMH)
Hızlı şarj:
Pop-up trimmer:
Precision trimmer:
Şarj edilebilir:
Şarj süresi:
1 h
Shaver system:

Diğer özellikler

Cordless operation:
30 min


Şarj göstergesi:

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