Designed to minimize skin irritation

Enjoy a smooth and pleasant start into your day with a new Series 3 shaver from Braun.

Series 3 is an entirely new shaving system that adapts perfectly to your facial contours, while giving you a pleasantly smooth shave in fewer strokes to minimize skin irritation.

New design features create an entirely new and characteristic look. And improved ergonomics make Series 3 shavers especially comfortable to handle – even in the shower (only Series 3 380 wet&dry).

Series 3 shavers highlights
A superbly comfortable shave that is exceptionally gentle to your skin

The Triple Action Free Float System features three fully adaptive cutting elements which shave off both long and short hairs easily and without unpleasant feeling, irritated skin.
- The first foil shaves off short hairs and stubble
- The integral cutter shortens longer hairs
- The second foil shaves shortened hairs cleanly and thoroughly

Maximum shaving efficiency and less skin irritation
Precision comfort blades cut hair extraordinarily close in a single stroke – for exceptional closeness and comfort.

Simple and effective shaving even in hard-to-shave areas
The slim precision shaver head gives you an effective shave, even in hard-to-shave areas, and tackles hairs of every length.
Batarya teknolojisi:
Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
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Shaver system:

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Cordless operation:
45 min

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