Philips Dual Sensual Massagers HF8400

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Her massager to please him
The male massager is specially shaped to stimulate and please him. The curves of the male massager are shaped for his most intimate contours, enhancing erotic pleasure. Slowly brush the wider surface of the massagers, for instance, up the inside of the thigh or gently along the penis. The rounded tips are perfect for teasing in more focused ways and locations, such as around the nipple or between the genital and rectal area.

Discreet charging case for cordless charging and storage
The Dual Sensual Massagers can be charged in the beautiful and discreet charging case. You can just leave it on your nightstand! No one will ever know what you use it for...

His massager to please her
The female massager is specially shaped to stimulate and please her.The tip is the area of the massager that vibrates, allowing you to stimulate her erogenous zones. Try a relaxing pulse on the labia or hold the tip of the massager downwards to titillate the clitoris. Of course, the massager can be used as well on many other body areas.

Feels comfortable and sexy against your skin
Made of a soft, sensual material, the intimate massagers feel comfortable and sexy against your skin. Incorporate these massagers into foreplay, using their natural fit in the hand to experiment together for excitement and stimulation, maintaining touch between partners.

Four vibration modes are perfect to please each other
Stimulating sensations with multiple vibration settings and intensities. There are four vibration modes: Glow, Wave, Heartbeat and Thrill for arousing variety. The only limit to using the Dual Sensual Massagers is your imagination.

They purr gently as you sensitively stroke each other
The gentle sound of the massager does not interrupt your intimate moments together

Use with lubricant to enhance the experience
You can use the massager with water or silicone-based lubricant. Lubricants make the massager glide even more sensually, which can intensify the erotic sensations. You can smooth the lubricant on your partner's skin before applying the massager, or put it on the massager itself.
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