Braun Exact Power EP 50

60.42 TL
All in one – high-performance trimming beard trimming usually consist of two phases: first, the beard is cut to the right length, and its contours are styled second. The unique twin cutting element of the Braun Exact Power will style every type of beard precisely and efficiently. To shorten the beard hairs, the removable distance comb can be precision-set to the most diverse beard shapes – from well-groomed three-day stubble to unruly beards. The powerful two-speed motor provides additional performance for especially thick beard growth.

Unique twin cutting element made of fine knife steel
The Exact Power cutting system combines a wide side for precise beard trimming and a narrow side for shaping beard outlines, moustache and sideburns.
The side is selected by simply folding away the side you don't want. Only the one in the top working position will be active. This prevents accidental cutting.

Removable distance combs
With twelve length settings, from 0.5 to 25mm, the additional extra long hair clipping comb is ideal for styling and clipping hair.

Memory feature
Selected length setting can be protected against unwanted change. When active, memory function will not allow trimmer to start with shorter settings.

2-speed moto
Exact Power lives up to its name, with adjustable power to cope with any type of hair – from a tough beard to thinner hair.
AC giriş voltajı:
100 - 240 V
Maximum hair length:
2.5 cm
Minimum hair length:
0.5 mm
Number of length steps:
Number of speeds:
Operating time:
30 min
Şarj edilebilir:
Şarj süresi:
8 h

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