Braun Satin Hair Brush SB1

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Instant Shine at the push of a button: Braun Satin Hair™ brush

The revolutionary new beauty tool from Braun

The Satin Hair™ brush with unique IONTEC is Braun’s latest addition to its range of IONTEC appliances and is a new innovation in the world of hair care.

Braun’s leading-edge Scientists have just developed the perfect product for facing the daily challenge of women, wanting to look their best all the times.

The Satin Hair™ brush is designed to bring both incredible instant shine and smoothness to the hair, with each and every brush stroke, anytime and anywhere – just at the push of a button. It is easy to use, 100% portable, stylish and comes with all the additional frizz fighting and protecting benefits of Braun IONTEC.

You can instantly see and feel the difference as your hair will become shiny, glossy and smooth.

Braun Satin Hair™ brush: The five ultimate signs of healthiest brushing without damage

IONTEC Innovation
As all Braun Satin Hair™ appliances the Braun Satin Hair™ brush features Braun’s breakthrough innovation IONTEC.
IONTEC is a unique technology which is specifically designed to protect the health of your hair and therefore your reassurance for healthy styling. The uniquely designed green ion jet releases millions of satin ions proven effectively onto your hair. These satin ions immediately begin to reduce static and friction to instantly restore you hair’s shine and smoothness.

Anti-damage brushing
The uniquely designed seamless bristles with superior shape and super smooth surface ensure exceptionally gentle brushing without damaging the cuticula compared to brushes without leading IONTEC.
They help to separate the hair without pulling and are attached to the brush in such a flexible way that when the going gets tough it’s the bristles that give way and not the hair!

Instant smoothness
The Satin Hair™ brush has instant impressive benefits for you hair’s look & feel. IONTEC works very much like a conditioner. It effectively tames frizz and flying hair for tangible smoothness compared to brushes without leading IONTEC. Additionally it reduces friction significantly so that hair requires four times less combing force when using Satin Hair™ brush with IONTEC.

“Innovation of the year”
The Satin Hair™ brush is the only brush with unique IONTEC and a completely new innovation in the world of hair care.

Recommended by Pantene Pro-V
Braun and Pantene Hair Care Laboratories recommend the use of Satin Hair™ brush together with Pantene Hair Care products for healthy looking hair that shines.
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