Braun Satin Hair 7 AS720

51.49 TL
he new Braun Satin Hair 7 Airstyler styles your hair gently and effectively, leaving it shiny and beautiful every day. Whatever your cut or hair length: with Braun’s Satin Hair 7 Airstyler you can enjoy a wide range of styles. Change your look to match your mood – with Braun’s ultimate hair protection you can be sure that your hair looks as healthy as it feels.

The Braun Satin Hair 7 Airstyler wields the full power of Braun hair expertise – and is extremely gentle on your hair. It is the first air styler with IONTEC – Braun’s groundbreaking innovation for healthy, gentle styling. Satin Ions act as a natural moisturizer while you create the greatest styles. The anti-static effect prevents “flyaway” hair and adds the smooth shine to your beautiful look.

Since wet hair is particularly susceptible to damage and breakage from abrasion, the versatile attachments of the Braun Satin Hair 7 Airstyler have seamless bristles and a smooth, even surface. They hold your hair securely during styling without hurting the cuticle. To make styling even safer, the Braun Satin Hair 7 Airstyler has a removable mesh filter that prevents hair from getting tangled inside and break.

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Cord length:
2 m


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Teknik detaylar

İyon bakımı:
700 W
Two heat settings:

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