Braun satinpro 2200 solo

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The advantages of Braun’s satinpro
Wonderful shiny and smooth hair

The satinpro is the only hairdryer featuring Braun’s groundbreaking satin ion™ Technology. This unique technology – incorporated in all Satin Hair™ products – releases a stream of negatively charged ions that are attracted by the positively charged frizz in your hair, neutralizing each strand to leave your hair with amazing shine and smoothness. In fact, satinpro is proven to effectively tame frizz and static and reveal significantly more shine and smoothness.

No risk of drying out
The satinpro dries your hair gently and provides optimum protection. Its unique Satin Protect™ system even allows you to cap the temperature at 70°C whilst keeping the same powerful airflow. This makes sure that your hair gets dried without getting fried. And the Ceramic Care module ensures even heat distribution without dangerous “hot spots”.

Efficient and versatile drying
Using 2.200 Watt even very long, thick hair is dried fast and powerfully to a silky smoothness. The satinpro adapts to all hair types and styling needs featuring 3 heat and 2 airflow settings which can be set separately. So even strong airflow at low temperature can be provided. The extra cold shot provides the perfect finish to set your style.

Easy on the ears
Despite all power, Braun’s Silencio technology provides reduced noise and a pleasant sound. In short, the satinpro is your hair’s best friend – and its patented “Long Life” filter guarantees a long-term friendship.

Ideal for curly styles
Scrunch drying is made even easier with the diffusor. It reduces the airflow to a soft waft so you can dry your hair gently which now means more well-defined curls and considerably less frizz. The concave arrangement of the volume fingers adapts to the shape of your head thus providing high styling comfort.
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