Premium hair protection with anti-static effect: Satin Hair 5 Dryer
Frizz and flyaway hair are the most annoying style killers that can ruin any look. Heat styling often increases the risk of static electricity build-up in the hair – unless you use Braun’s ingenious Satin Hair styling tools. The powerful 1900-Watt Satin Hair 5 Dryer offers top performance and eliminates static build-up. Its premium ionic function tames frizz and flyaway hair delivering natural smoothness and shine.

Its 3 temperature and 2 airflow settings enable you to adjust its drying power to your individual needs and/or hair type for optimal drying and styling results. Its ergonomic design makes it ideal to handle and easy to use. The Braun Satin Hair 5 is the powerful choice for shiny, healthy-looking hair.

All Satin Hair dryers optimally synchronise heat distribution, airflow and drying speed at each setting to ensure a gentle yet efficient drying temperature – approved by DWI, an independent German fibre research institute. DrySafe every day.

Versatile looks
Straight, stylish looks are most chic with gorgeously shiny hair. Use Braun’s Satin Hair 5 Dryer with the straightening brush. Pull each strand gently and hold the nozzle close to the brush. Blow-dry from roots to ends. For extra volume, lift up the strands at the root and pull gently up while drying.

Wavy hair is a thing of beauty – if it weren’t for the tangles and frizz! Braun’s Satin Hair 5 Dryer helps you taming your mane and to achieve a natural, wavy or even straight look. The comb attachment moves smoothly through your hair, untangling it and leaving it shiny and beautifully healthy-looking.

Get your style precisely right! The concentrator nozzle of the Braun Satin Hair 5 Dryer directs the airflow to the section of the hair you’re working on, so you’ll get fast and accurate styling results. Enjoy control over your look and eliminate frizz and flyaway hair with surgical precision!

Premium hair protection
Anti-static drying

Braun’s unique ion technology produces a rich stream of satin ions that envelop every single hair. This advanced ionic performance acts like a natural moisturizer during drying, taming frizz and static and leaving your hair gorgeously shiny and smooth.

Anti overheating
The back of your Braun Satin Hair 5 Dryer is slanted at a 20-degree angle to prevent your hair from blocking the filter and thus overheating the dryer. It’s a simple, yet ingenious design choice that makes a lot of difference to your hair’s health!

Anti dry-out
With their ideally calibrated fan technology, Braun’s Satin Hair 5 Dryers distribute the heat evenly so that your hair gets dried efficiently without drying out. The anti dry-out function prevents dangerous “hot spots” and makes sure that your hair stays healthy and shiny.

Anti hair breakage
The ingenious mesh filter at the back of the Braun Satin Hair 5 Dryer helps avoid hair breakage. It protects your hair from being sucked into and tangled inside the appliance. This makes styling even easier – plus, you can conveniently remove the filter to clean the device.

Ergonomic handling
The weight of the Braun Satin Hair 5 Dryer is optimally balanced to ensure easy, convenient usage. Whether you want to boost volume at the roots or use the concentrator nozzle for precision styling, your Braun Satin Hair 5 Dryer is the perfect tool in your hands.

Easy styling
1900 Watt

So powerful and yet so gentle: at 1900 Watt, the Braun Satin Hair 5 Dryer boasts the perfect performance for efficient and healthy drying. Enjoy great styling that won’t damage your hair, and a shiny, healthy look for whichever style you choose!

3 heat & 2 airflow settings
Your hair is unique – Braun knows this and has equipped the Satin Hair 5 Dryer with 3 heat and 2 airflow settings to match the needs and requirements of your hair type and styling preferences. Adjust heat and airflow separately for great styling results that suit your hair!

Cold shot
Fix your style! By pressing the cold shot button for a few seconds, you’ll cool down your hair and set your style in place. The cold shot also protects your hair, preventing the heat from remaining in your hair longer than necessary. The heat may go, but your style will last longer!

Removable Filter
The patented filter protects the airflow system against dirt. It is easy to clean by either removing it or alternatively you can leave it on and wipe over it. This ensures a longer product lifetime of your hairdryer.
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