Panasonic ES2067

63.65 TL
-Triple Spin Discs.
-Exchangeable shaving head.

WET/DRY Epilator with Triple Spin Discs

Panasonic have succeeded in developing the world's first Triple Spin Discs, which can epilate without concern over the direction of hair flow. In addition to conventional vertical rotation, simultaneous rotation in the horizontal direction is also performed. By rotate 360°, epilation is performed by catching hairs growing in almost any direction. Just moving it in whatever direction you like always you to perform simple, quick epilation.

The three discs move up and down according to the contours of the face. While keeping in close contact with the skin, the discs can remove hair by the roots, so that even short hair can be removed easily. Further, while pressing the surrounding guards against the skin, epilation is performed gently with little load on the skin.

A New Experience. Easy epilation with a gentle massage-like sensation. The WET/DRY Epilator with triple spin action has arrived.

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