Braun Silk-épil Xelle 5270 Body System

47.69 TL
5270 X' ELLE
Silk-épil Xelle lets you feel beautiful with irresistibly smooth skin from head to toe for up to 4 weeks! It offers you an extraordinary epilation giving you an easier hair removal session in just a few strokes.

Silk-épil Xelle highlights
Utmost efficiency

The epilation head comes with 40 tweezers, uniquely arranged, and removes significantly more hair in one single stroke than any other epilator, combining the benefits of long lasting incredibly smooth skin with convenience and efficiency.

Even removes 0.5 mm hairs
Silk-épil Xelle also includes unique SoftLift tips™ which raise flat lying and problem hairs and remove them.

Reveals even the finest hairs
Silk-épil Xelle’s SmartLight, illuminates the area that is being epilated so that even the finest hairs are visible to put you in full control of epilation.

Gentle epilation
Silk-épil Xelle‘s Active Massaging Rollers gently stimulate the skin with micro pulsations before and after the hair is removed, to minimize the pulling sensation.
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