Sony Buzz! - Das Mega-Quiz + 4 Buzzer

86.83 TL
Buzz is back!

The ratings just keep rising, so Buzz is back with a new general knowledge show to keep all quiz fiends satisfied. Buzz!: The Mega Quiz is bursting with new videos, music and photos, and an all-new database of 5,000 questions.

The studio and presentation have been spruced up and Buzz is just as stylish as always! New rounds have been added alongside some old favourites, with the finale revamped for an even more exciting conclusion. With all this, plus refined multiplayer features, this title is set to tax even the most hardened quiz fan.

Slick TV-style presentation that feels more like a real gameshow than ever before means you'll see more of the studio, more of the contestants and more of Buzz!

Featuring all-new round types, including Point Picker, Winner Stays On and The Final Countdown, Buzz has also worked with producers to develop "Mystery Games" - special rounds where he takes to centre stage and challenges the contestants to take him on. These special rounds give Buzz the opportunity to show off his multi-talented nature as a card shark, horse trainer and all-round raconteur.

- 5,000 brand new general knowledge questions, covering TV, movies, music, sports, science, nature and more.
- Choose from 16 contestants, including favourites like Ash and Pelvis and brand new characters, such as mighty superhero Quiz Man!
- Includes a range of movie, sports and nature clips, as well as TV footage.
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PlayStation 2