Sony Buzz!: Brain Bender

Arc System Works
43.89 TL

Give you and your friends a mad mental workout with Buzz's brain-bending pocket puzzles on PSP. Buzz swaps his trademark suits and the bright lights of the studio for a lab coat and clipboard in Buzz!: Brain Bender -- a light, entertaining and humorous way to give your brain a workout. Buzz! Brain Bender offers colourful, entertaining brain games, designed to be instantly understandable, fast-paced and accessible for all ages let you test your cognitive mojo or take on specific challenges. Once you've greased the wheels, Buzz!: Brain Bender lets you take on all comers with the entertaining Pass Around Brain Battle mode for up to six players, where one PSP is passed between players.

- Challenge your mind in 16 brain-bending mini-games across four fun categories: Analysis, Observation, Memory and Calculation
- Take the test and find out how powerful your brain is, collect Boffin Awards or try out the various challenges for the ultimate brain game fix
- Take on up to six friends on just one PSP with the exciting Brain Battle Pass Around mode
- Four player profiles can be saved, allowing you to compare your progress with friends and family

Curve Studios
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RP (Puan Beklemede)
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PlayStation Portable (PSP)