ASUS One Piece: Unlimited Cruise 1, Wii

26.60 TL

Venture into the expanse of the open sea and navigate your way across various islands with the Thousand Sunny as a base. Introducing the ultimate One Piece game filled with adventure, battles, and a touching storyline!
While at sea, the Straw Hat Pirates encounter waters that are guarded by
a mysterious ancient civilization. Thus begins a grand voyage across the
many islands that are centered around a large mystic tree, with a storyline that spreads over two games!
- Use the Wii Remote to defeat the hordes of enemies that block your way.
- Experience heated battles and face the latest enemies from the manga.
- The unique islands are haded with strange events.
- New Character Gabri

Namco Bandai Games
ESRB derecesi:
T (Genç)
Action / Adventure
Nintendo Wii