3M Post-it 12mm

75.24 TL
four colored Post-it® Index, in four side by side translucent smoked or
blue z-notes dispensers, removable from most surfaces. Each index has a colored tab at one end. Comes in a variety of colors. Useful for marking or tabbing documents.

Applications: color-coding files, flagging pages in reports, books and catalogs… Calling attention to specific points on report pages, magazine articles and computer printouts…

Laboratory studies have shown that Post-it® Index remove cleanly from most common office materials such as sulfite bond paper, 25% cotton bond paper, yellow legal paper, manila folders and common office surfaces such as painted wallboard, wallpaper, finished woods, metals, plastics and upholstery at normal office temperatures and humidity for a
period up to one year.

Test removability before using. Avoid use in applications where clean removability from clay-coated, specially treated paper or onion-skin paper is required. May not remove cleanly from some blueprint papers. This product is not suitable for packaging applications.
Technical note: on recycling the dispensers, we cannot make the claim that dispensers are recyclable (although they are) because there is no national program to reclaim this type of plastic from homes, and/or offices at this time (depending on the country).

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