ICIDU Screen Cleaner With Microfiber Cloth

40.28 TL
Cleans and protects LCD and plasma screens. Gently removes dust, dirt, smears and residue from screens. Spray a little of the liquid onto the screen surface to be cleand and protected. Then wipe off finger marks, dust and dirt with the soft microfiber cloth. Reduces the risk of eyestrain. Screen protector liquid is alcohol and solvent free. Non toxic and non-aerosol. Antistatic formula. The high-quality microfiber cloth safely removes dust and dirt particle. Ideal for use with delicate equipment such as TFT, LCD and Plasma screens, CD's and DVD's, mobile phone and PDA screens, camera lenses and spectacles.
Proper use:

Ağırlık ve boyutlar

Package depth:
6.3 cm
Package height:
24.4 cm
Package width:
16.2 cm

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250 ml