HP StreamSmart 410

41.23 TL
Help students visualize experiment results and data plots in real-time by streaming collected data from optional Fourier sensors1 through the HP StreamSmart 410. Save time on math and science experiment setups with quick and easy connection to an HP Prime Graphing Calculator.2

Perform real-time data streaming

• Watch and learn with real-time data collection of Fourier sensors,1 then manipulate and narrow the data set and export to the HP Prime Statistics app.

Spend time doing experiments rather than preparing them

• Simply connect the HP StreamSmart 410 to each student’s HP Prime Graphing Calculator2 and a Fourier1 sensor (motion, sound, temperature, and more) and students will immediately receive an incoming stream of data.

Small, lightweight, and flexible

• Connect your sensors and record and collect data inside or outside the classroom with this lightweight and compact calculating solution.

1 Fourier sensors are sold separately. See: www.fourieredu.com.

2 HP Prime Graphing Calculator is sold separately.

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