This 10+2 digit scientific calculator with a large 2-line display is ideal for Elementary Secondary School students. Easy to use and hold, it features 250 functions and a practical dual power source.


* 10+2-digit Scientific Calculator.
* Large, 2-line LCD display for easy viewing.
* 250 essential functions.
* 17 store & 17 recall memories for added practicality.
* Streamlined, palm-sized design with slide-on hard case.
* Solar and battery powered.

Making maths more fun

Understanding maths is more fun with the F-715S 10+2 digit Scientific Calculator. It helps young people cope better with complex equations in all mathematical fields. Easy to operate and hold, it has a clear layout with durable, colour coded keys. This includes four cursor buttons with practical ‘Copy’ and ‘Undo’ functions.

Large 2-line display

The compact F-715S has a large, two-line LCD display. This shows the input on the top line and the result on the bottom line, both displayed simultaneously. LCD contrast adjustment ensures sharp and easy viewing of figures and algebraic signs - whether in dim or bright light surroundings.

250 functions for all your needs

Whether you’re studying mathematics, trigonometry, computer maths or statistics, 250 essential functions* cover all your requirements. There are 17 store and 17 recall memories available, with an independent key. Additional functions for maths and statistics ensure that your calculator is right up to date. Whatever the problem, you’ll get all the answers you need fast and accurately, right at your fingertips.

Streamlined, palm-sized design

The streamlined design of the F-715S makes it easy to hold in the palm of your hand. Slim and lightweight, it combines a cool, smart look with practical functionality. The durable slide-on hard cover protects the calculator from knocks and bumps when not in use.

Practical dual power source

The F-715S is both solar and battery powered, so it never lets you down whatever the light conditions. What’s more, a ‘low battery’ indicator show when the battery has to be replaced. The calculator switches off automatically after 7 minutes when not in use to save power.
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Ağırlık ve boyutlar

16.3 cm
Dimensions (WxDxH):
163 x 84 x 20.5 mm
2.05 cm
150 g
8.4 cm

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