Canon Desk Display Calculator TS-121TC

31.54 TL
An adjustable tilt, large LCD display makes this attractive 12-digit desktop calculator a pleasure to use. Time-saving tax and currency conversion calculations add to ease and overall efficiency.

* 12-digit Desktop Calculator with a large.
* Adjustable tilt LCD display.
* Smart, slim and stylish design.
* Ergonomic keyboard.
* Tax and Currency Conversion functions.
* Dual power source: solar and battery.

12-digit Desktop calculator with adjustable tilt LCD display and versatile functions

Easy on the eyes
This 12-digit desktop calculator features a large, adjustable LCD display. Simply tilt the panel for optimum viewing and comfort in any light conditions. Figures are easy to read and easy on the eyes, even after extended use.

Luxurious look
This stylish and slim calculator has a smart black body with a metallic-spray finish. The aesthetic acrylic window adds to elegancy. The TS-121TC combines a luxurious look with easy and efficient operation.

Ergonomic keyboard
The TS-121TC has an ergonomic and user friendly layout with a spacious keyboard and big colour-coded keys. Enjoy easy and error-free entry of figures, to ensure accuracy for all your calculations.

Tax and Currency Conversion functions
Simplify complex calculations and save time. The two tax calculation keys handle tax rates at a touch. Independent Currency Conversion keys quickly convert your local currency into the currency of your choice.

Check the calculator status instantly using the ‘Calculation Command sign’ key. The handy slide switch provides easy decimal point selection and rounding. Other functions include Sign Change, Backspace, Percentage and Square Root keys.

Convenient dual power source
The TS-121TC calculator is both solar and battery powered so it never lets you down whatever the light conditions. The ‘auto power-off’ function switches the calculator off when not in use, to save energy.
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Dimensions (WxDxH):
108 x 168 x 45 mm

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