Canon Bubble Jet Printing calculator BP26-LTS

31.73 TL
Adding clarity to business calculations, the BP26-LTS Bubble Jet calculator utilises exclusive technology to achieve quick and quiet high-definition printing. It incorporates the unique CJ-3A Bubble Jet cartridge that contains both ink and printing head in a single compact unit that is not only clean, but is also very easy to change – ensuring the BP26-LTS requires minimal maintenance. For even greater user-friendliness, it also features Canon spacious Canola keypad layout, with double injection keytops that present a more professional look and feel.To provide clear, comfortable viewing, the BP26-LTS comes with an innovative Back-Light Pure Green LC display – achieving high-contrast illumination with larger, more legible characters. Other convenient features include Canon handy Tax Calculation and Cost Sell Margin (CSM) functions. These easy-to-use features eliminate the need for complex formulae when it comes to performing many key business calculations. Additionally, the BP26-LTS provides easy recognition of these values, with alphabetical abbreviations in five European languages – both on printouts and the extra large display. It also features a Calendar & Time mode for both display and printouts.
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Dimensions (WxDxH):
190 x 294 x 69 mm
1.2 kg


Memory type:
1 + GT

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