Canon BS-1200TS

39.90 TL
- Dual powered, solar with battery back-up (lithium battery CR-2032)
- 12 digit adjustable LCD screen with punctuation
- Large non-glare liquid crystal display
- Tax calculation -will add or subtract a predetermined tax rate, ideal for GST
- Business calculation -will easily calculate Cost, Sell and Margin
- Memory, percentage and square root functions
- Grand total function automatically accumulates totals
- Decimal position: F,0,1,2,3,4,+
- Executive quality metallic finish
- Size: 185 x 129 x 29mm
- Weight: 235g

The BS-1200TS is ideal for work at the desk or on the move. Its large sloping display makes it easy to read and the well spaced keypad makes it easy to enter data. The BS-1200TS has a stylish brushed metal front cover, easy to hold side rubber grips and non-slip rubber feet to stay firmly on the desk. It is well featured with our GST and Business functions plus the regular functions you expect from a calculator.
Form factor:

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