Canon BP1400-LTS

30.21 TL
This advanced 14-digit Bubble Jet printing calculator with a 2-colour back light Pure Green display provides a wide range of features including tax and business calculations and currency conversion.
- 14-digit desktop Bubble Jet printing calculator
- High speed, high quality printing
- 2-colour back light Pure Green display
- Spacious key layout
- Tax & Business calculations and Currency Conversion
- Maintenance-free printer head
- Durable design.

14-digit, fully-featured Bubble Jet Printing Calculator

Quick and quiet high-quality printing
The BP1400-LTS 14-digit desktop printing calculator handles your most complex calculations quickly and quietly. Our exclusive Bubble Jet printing technology ensures consistently high quality printouts - at a fast speed of 5.6 lines per second.

Exceptional ease of use
Every element of this calculator has been designed to enable exceptional ease of use, especially for heavy duty tasks. The 2-colour back light Pure Green display achieves high contrast illumination with large, legible figures for comfortable viewing. A spacious key layout allows fast, easy and virtually error-free entry of figures. A choice of large or small print adds to overall user friendliness.

Fully featured for all your needs
Simplify your work with Tax Calculation and Cost Sell Margin functions. They eliminate the need for complex formulae when performing key business calculations. The calculator provides easy recognition of these values, with alphabetical abbreviations in five European languages - both on printouts and the large display.

Other features include convenient Currency Conversion, a Clock and Calendar mode, Grand Total memory and the full range of functions you would expect with a professional Canon calculator.

Maintenance free printer head
The CJ-3A II cartridge contains both ink and printing head in a single, compact unit. Clean and easy to change, it guarantees productive and continuous high quality printing without any maintenance worries.

Durable design
This stylish and streamlined calculator fits neatly on the smallest desktop. The durable key tops are double injection moulded to present professional looking coloured lettering and graphics. These signs are embedded in the key top so they won’t wear off, even with constant use. The BP1400-LTS connects to a standard AC mains power.
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31.7 cm
7.9 cm
1.5 kg
21.9 cm


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Print speed:
5.6 lpm
Print type:
Ink ribbon

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