Superior styling and numerical performance
The 16-digit AS-888 is designed with both style and office functionality in mind. Its Arc curved body not only looks professional, it also sits neatly on any organisation’s desk. Calculate profits and selling prices easily using its simple Mark-up/Mark-down function.

More sustainable design
As well as its ergonomic styling, the dark grey AS-888 offers a reduced environmental impact, an important consideration for all organisations and individuals today. Some of its plastic components are manufactured from recycled materials taken from Canon product.

Energy efficient
Thanks to its dual solar battery power source, the AS-888 performs reliably, whatever the lighting conditions. To save energy further, within 7 minutes of not being used, the ‘auto power-off’ function simply switches the calculator off.

Easy to read panel
For clearer figure readings, tilt and angle the large, upright LCD display panel optimises legibility in any lighting conditions. Even after extended use.

Practical, user-friendly product features
Compatible in any office environment, this 16-digit calculator has an extensive range of useful functions. A slide switch provides handy decimal point selection and rounding. With its double memory, multiple totals can be easily stored and retrieved. Other convenient keys include Mark-up/Mark-down, Sign Change, Percentage, Square Root and Backspace. The end result is an affordable, ergonomic and advanced calculator that is easy to use.
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