Canon AS-2200RI

74.86 TL
With its metallic silver top case, this 12-digit general desktop calculator is professional and reliable. Advanced accounting functions, like 120 steps Check and Correct, enhance calculation accuracy.

- 12-digit desktop calculator
- Stylish Arc body looks professional
- Silver metallic top case
- Efficient 120 calculation steps, memorised and accessed with Auto Check key
- Large adjustable display panel
- Energy-saving automatic power-off
- Strong and stylish 120-step Check and Correct calculator for finance professionals

Professional look, solid feel
The 12-digit AS-2200Ri desktop calculator has been designed with busy financial professionals in mind. Its Arc curved body looks professional. And with its heavy-duty silver metallic top case, it feels solid and reliable too. Making it the ideal constant use calculator for all office and home environments.

Save time on repeat tasks
When time is at a premium, the AS-2200Ri features the efficient 120-step Check and Correct function. Enabling accounting specialists to access recurring calculations, which are stored to memory. Simply scroll through and view calculations by pressing the Auto Check key, making corrections and saving these as you work. Memory keys allow you to add or subtract displayed figures. Other convenient keys include Sign Change, Percentage, Backspace and separate 0 and 00 keys. The end result is an affordable, reliable and advanced financial calculator that is easy to use.

Accurate entries and clearer readings
Tilt and angle the large, adjustable LCD display panel to cancel out lighting glare and reflections and optimise legibility in all lighting conditions. What’s more, key roll over is designed for extended and accurate use, ensuring the keys don’t lock when making rapid, successive calculation entries.

Long-lasting energy efficiency
Being dual-powered, if the lighting conditions are right, you can switch to solar power and make an energy efficient choice. Plus, its 7-minute ‘auto power-off’ function conserves battery power when your calculator is not in use, saving more energy.
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Ağırlık ve boyutlar

19.8 cm
Dimensions (WxDxH):
140 x 198 x 34 mm
3.4 cm
212 g
14 cm

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