Canon AS-120RI

42.75 TL
Space-saving and stylish
Measuring just 100mm wide, the slim and stylish 12-digit AS-120Ri, with its upright angled LCD display, is a real space saver. Being palm-sized makes it ideal for office and home use, and for people on the move. Its Arc curved silver metallic body conveys a professional image, whatever your work environment.

Time saving financial functions
The AS-120Ri has been designed specifically with busy accounting and financial professionals in mind. To save time, Check and Correct can hold up to 120 calculation steps in its memory. Users can scroll through and view calculations by pressing the Auto Check key, making corrections and saving these as you work. Memory keys allow you to add or subtract displayed figures. And as you’d expect from a Canon calculator, this efficient model includes all the usual time-saving functions, including square root, percentage and separate 0 and 00 keys, plus a 3-digit comma indicator.

Fast, accurate keystroke
Ergonomically designed, the 29 large keys are spaciously laid out for ease of use. What’s more, key roll over allows quick, successive and accurate entry of figures.

Long-lasting energy efficiency
Unlike other calculators that have to be disposed of after the battery runs out, the AS-120Ri has a replaceable battery, extending the life of your calculator. It is also dual powered, so you can make an energy efficient choice. To conserve battery resources further, the AS-120Ri will automatically shut off within 7 minutes of not being used.
Batarya türü:
Form factor:

Ağırlık ve boyutlar

Dimensions (WxDxH):
145 x 100 x 33.5 mm
108 g

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