AVerMedia DVD EZMaker USB Gold

83.22 TL
AVerMedia DVD EZMaker USB Gold is a superior and ease of use device to digitalize piles of videotapes, and it turns moments recording in diverse analog video signals into a comprehensive DVD or VCD formats without concerning signals lost.

Via the high speed USB2.0 interface, you can easily connect your desktop and notebook computer with home video devices, such as DV, V8, VHS, DVD Player and VCD Player, by just one step – “plug and play”! With the bundled software, supporting Windows Vista, you also can create personal menus, and edit video clips on a storyboard easily. Meanwhile, you can import your favorite videos, and organize, edit, highlight video clips on a storyboard to create your personal movies.

Diğer özellikler

I/O ports:
- S-Video\n- RCA Audio\n- Composite
Uyumlu işletim sistemleri:
Windows XP/Vista

Sistem gereksinimleri

Minimum processor:
Pentium III 800 MHz/AMD Athlon 800 MHz
Minimum system requirements:
Sound card\nGraphic card with 8 MB of memory\nCD/DVD burner