AVerMedia H830M computer TV tuner

59.66 TL
Be in the digital era, high definition is everything. AVerTV Volar HD Video Capture M allows you to not only enjoy HDTV, but also record, or even schedule the recordings on your Mac. But don’t worry about your old VHS cassettes and former recordings in analog devices. AVerTV Volar HD Video Capture M also supports AV in to capture the diverse analog content into your Mac without losing the quality. In addition, you can export the recordings to iTunes to sync with your iPod.

The powerful High Gain Antenna has strong receiving ability. The exclusive Color Enhancement adjusts video quality and shows the astonishingly sharp and vivid video color. De-interlace with Smooth Edge Option gives you the stable and smooth video quality without overeating CPU resource. All functions can be selected via the Full-functional On-screen Menu with your Apple Remote. Control AVerTV for Mac is as easy and intuitive as using other Apple applications.

Most features of the application for Windows comes as smart and convenient as AVerTV for Mac. As an added bonus, the included SnugTVTM service lets you watch your home live TV programs everywhere, which means it streams live TV to your iPad, iPhone, Windows mobile, laptop, and many other mobile devices. (3 months FREE trial with included SnugTVTM software.)

- Mac & Windows Compatible.
- MPEG-2 & H.264 HDTV Ready.
- Video Capture.
- Export to iPod &Toast.
- Share on YouTube.
- Apple Remote Support.
- SnugTVTM Support.
- Color Enhancement.
- Full-functional On-screen Menu.
- TimeShift.
- Digital Subtitle, Teletext & EPG.
- PIP (Picture in Picture) Function.
- Multi-channel Preview.

Package included:
- AVerTV Volar HD Video Capture M (Weight: 24.4g).
- Installation CD (Mac and PC software included).
- Quick Installation Guide.
- High Gain Antenna.
- S-Video / Composite 2 in 1 Cable.
- USB Cable.

Ağırlık ve boyutlar

24.4 g

Diğer özellikler

FM radio:
Interface type:
Minimum system requirements:
Uyumlu işletim sistemleri:
Windows\nMac OS

Dosya formatları

Video formats supported:

Sistem gereksinimleri

Minimum processor:
Intel Core / AMD Athlon 64 1700+
Minimum RAM:
256 MB

Teknik detaylar



Teletext function:

TV alıcısı

Elde taşınan uzaktan kumanda:
TV tuner type: