AVerMedia AVerTV TwinStar

38.76 TL
DVB-T has been adopted as the most primary digital TV system in the world. Its mobile reception feature also benefits lots of travelers. However, its signal may be influenced by the distance from TV transmitters. Let’s say goodbye to the weak DVB-T signal! AVerTV TwinStar equips diversity mode to boost the signal reception with its built-in antenna and an external antenna. It can efficiently prevent users from struggling with the weak DVB-T signal.

Even better, the TV mania would love its dual TV tuner design allowing watching and recording two live TV programs simultaneously. When the external antenna is plugged in and only one tuner is in use, AVerTV TwinStar will be set as Diversity Mode automatically for a better reception. The built-in antenna also improves the portability of a TV tuner stick. No bother with the twisting antenna cable! With AVerTV TwinStar, you can just go traveling and leave the external antenna at home.

The bundled AVer MediaCenter equips the advanced decoder to present you the 720p/1080i HDTV programs! With its user-friendly 10-foot UI and accompanying remote control, watching TV on PC is just as easy as that on the TV set. One of the greatest features is the support for dual tuners, which allows users to watch more than one live program simultaneously on a desktop or laptop PC (depend on CPU loading).

Diğer özellikler

FM radio:
Interface type:
Uyumlu işletim sistemleri:
Windows XP/Vista/7

Sistem gereksinimleri

Minimum processor:
Pentium 4 2.4 GHz, Pentium Mobile 1.73 GHz, AMD AthlonXP 2400+
Minimum RAM:
512 MB

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