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My Cinema-U3100Mini/DVBT
intel centrino2
The world first TV receiver for EeePC !

- Built in the latest TV chip for superior power saving!;
- Unique "Asus Pop-Up TV technology" for TV watching instantly without manually launching any more;
- Never miss your favorite TV show again (TimeShift functions, Manual schedule records, One-touch records from EPG);
- Snapshot for your favorite images.

Superior Power Saving Solution to Enjoy Digital TV Anywhere!
The world first TV receiver for EeePC!

Just plug the My Cinema-U3100Mini to your computer’s USB 2.0 connector, and you’re ready to watch and record high-quality DVB-T TV programs. Furthermore, with its miniature design, you can take it along on travels. The Cinema - U3100Mini provides a versatile set of PVR functions such as TV viewing, TimeShift, schedule records and EPG records and ASUS VideoSecurity Online Technology for building a home monitoring system. With ASUS My Cinema-U3100Mini, you can easily turn your PC or notebook into an all-around entertainment center.

Key Features
- USB 2.0 high-definition digital TV receiver;
- Built in the latest TV chip for superior power saving!;
- Unique "Asus Pop-Up TV technology" for TV watching instantly without manual launch any more;
- Compact design for easy portability;
- Watch and record digital TV programs (DVB-T free to air) on your desktop PC or notebook;
- HDTV video quality and AC3 audio supported;
- Never miss your favorite TV show again;
- TimeShift functions;
- Manual schedule records;
- One-touch records from EPG;
- Snapshot for your favorite images;
- LED light indicates signal strength for quick operation status recognition;
- EeePC, Vista Premium, Vista Basic, XP certificated and MCE compatible.

ASUS VideoSecurity Online Technology

Gives You Peace of Mind Wherever You are
Just combine with a webcam, Asus VideoSecurity Online technology can help you to turn your computer into a private security server. You can specify a particular area for motion detection and automatically send warning messages when a change in the surveillance area occurs. VideoSecurity Online streams real-time video to web browsers, record events into videos, take snapshots and send out warning messages via email or phone calls even when you are not at the monitored area.
USB powered:

Diğer özellikler

FM radio:
Interface type:
Minimum system requirements:
Uyumlu işletim sistemleri:
Windows Vista/XP/7\nLinux Debain 4.0

Sistem gereksinimleri

Minimum hard disk space:
1024 MB
Minimum processor:
Pentium IV 2.6GHz
Minimum RAM:
256 MB

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Electronic Programme Guide (EPG):


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TV alıcısı

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