ASUS My Cinema-PE6300Hybrid

41.04 TL
"ASUS My Cinema-PE6300Hybrid" provides a total solution for home theater entertainments. Whether you want to watch digital or analog TV programs, make scheduled recording, edit and make your own movies, play DVD/VCD, or listen to MP3 music and FM radio, this card can satisfy all your needs. "ASUS My Cinema-PE6300Hybrid" is embedded with MPEG2 hardware encoder, your CPU loading can be dramatically reduced. Therefore, you can surf the internet and watch TV programs at the same time! In addition, with built-in hardware noise reduction technology and the advanced decoder, this card produces extremely high video quality for better TV experience. "ASUS My Cinema-PE6300 Hybrid" can easily help you turn the PC into a smart multimedia center!
- Powered by PCI-Express port for faster data transmission
- MPEG2 hardware encoder built-in for unprecedented multitasking efficiency boost
- Hardware noise reduction technology built-in to enhance best video quality
- Watch digital(DVB-T) or analog (NTSC or PAL) TV programs on PC
- Record, edit and burn video into DVD or VCD
- Remote control kit for easy channel surfing
- Listen to FM radio and music
- Capture external video-in source
- Play DVD & VCD
- Sort video and photographs
- "ASUS VideoSecurity Online Technology" for making your private security system on PC
- Microsoft Vista Home Premium / Vista Home Basic / Vista Ultimate / Windows XP certified

Diğer özellikler

Bundled software:
Total Media
FM radio:
Interface type:
PCI Express
Kompozit video girişi:
Uyumlu işletim sistemleri:
Vista Premium, Vista Basic, Windows XP


Teletext function:

TV alıcısı

Elde taşınan uzaktan kumanda:
TV tuner type:
Analog, DVB-T


Analog signal format system:
Audio (L,R) in: