Philips AVENT Insulated Straw Cups SCF766/00

43.13 TL
Keeps drinks at the right temperature for longer

Leakproof, easy for child to use independently

The Philips AVENT insulated straw cup help keeps the drink warmer/cooler for a longer
period of time so the child can enjoy his/her drink better! It is leak-proof and easy for the
toddler to use independently with its unique twist-lid.

Keep drinks fresh longer

- Ideal for out and about
- Keeps drinks at right temperature for longer


- Soft straw with integrated leak proof valve


- Easy to activate - liquid flows easily when child sips


- Completely interchangeable with entire Philips AVENT range

Easy to clean

- Entire cup can be sterilized for hygiene purposes
- Cup has few parts for easy cleaning and assembly
- All parts are dishwasher safe for convenience
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