- Safety
- Integrated seat belt guide in headrest to always ensure correct position of the seat belt

- Ease of Use
- Intuitive vehicle belt routing indicated in red

- Comfort
- Height-adjustable head support (grows with child)
- 2 recline positions for the backrest
- Height-adjustable armrests

- Convenience
- Machine washable cover
- Can be used as a low booster (detachable backrest). To ensure optimal safety and comfort, it is highly recommended tokeep the backrest as long as possible.
- 2 retractable cupholders

- Accesories
- Back seat organiser
- Rollershade
- Car seat undermat.

Seat belt
Oto koltuk grubu:
2-3 (15 - 36 kg, 3.5 - 12 yıl)
Removable back:

Ağırlık ve boyutlar

41 cm
81 cm
41 cm
My wife made me buy this little thing. I am a careful driver, still, I had to get it to calm her down. Now I can drive my Plymouth without any risks for my nerves. It’s worth the money IMHO.
I bought a few pieces from John McDowell’s and I am very pleased with their service. They delivered the baby seat in a few hours right to my doorstep. The product itself has some flaws, though, but it is definitely a steal for the money.
A really nice car seat. Does not take too much place on the backseat of my Range Rover. My kids can travel safe and sound now:)
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